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Of course you can. But please remember that there is a maximum weight limit for every board. You should choose the proper board, so that your total weight does not exceed the maximum permissible limit. The most enduring boards are 10.8, 11.6, 12.6T.
The SUP may be stored in a dry room at a temperature of -35 to +65 degrees Celsius. The best option is to store the SUP slightly inflated in a warm room to keep its shape. If there are no such conditions, you can store it folded at home. Do not fold the SUP board tightly, when stored in a room with sub-zero air temperature. To avoid corrugation, do not fold or unfold the SUP board.
This year we have prepared a special series of boards for rent - Rental. It includes the three most popular SUP boards. Multi-purpose 10.6 and 10.8 models and one 12.6 touring model for travel enthusiasts.
The key distinctive feature between these series is the different weaving structure of the textile base. The Pro series uses a machine-netted textile base, while the Elite series uses a machine-braided textile base. This makes the board harder and lighter. For more information see our website. Moreover these series have different accessories.
Remove dirt and sand from the surface of your SUP board upon use. Dirt on the surface should be removed by soap solution. If used in salt water, rinse the SUP and its accessories with fresh water afterwards. Thoroughly dry the SUP and its accessories before storage to avoid mold.
Yes, it is. Minimum order is 50 items and 100% prepayment.

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