SUP-board AVO 10.8

The Gladiator ART 10'8 SUP board is a wide universal board with excellent kitting, combining the most advanced technological developments and materials of professional quality. This SUP can withstand weight of 130 kg. It has even more stability than the most popular 10'6 model and is equally well suited for men and women. This is the best choice for those who are looking for SUP for the whole family. Also, this board is available in twelve unique colorings.

Gladiator ART 10'8 is made of double-layer PVC on a durable textile base with a density of 1000 den. The innovative double Xstrong edge gives it increased rigidity with an effect of a “cast-in” board. The SUP is resistant to mechanical damage, beach stones and sand will not cause it trouble. It will make its owner happy for more than one season.

The model comes with everything you need: a spacious wheeled bag, an assemblable carbon paddle with a shaft made of fiberglass, a convenient leash, an Italian double-action pump and a repair kit.
SUP-board AVO 10.8
SUP-board AVO 10.8
SUP-board AVO 10.8


Brand Gladiator
Series Art
Model AVO 10.8
Material Double layer Fusion
Length (ft) 10.8
Width (inch) 34
Thichness (inch) 6
Weight (Kg) 10.5
Riders weight (max Kg) 130
Volume (litres) 290
Maximum pressure 26
Appointment Universal
Warranty 3
Accessories warranty 2

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  • Maximum rigidity
  • Strength
  • Transparent protective layer
  • Layer of PVC
  • Layer of 1000 Den textile substrate
  • Layer of PVC
  • Layer of 1000 Den textile substrate
  • Reinforcing threads
  • Double reinforced edge xSTRONG EDGE

Gladiator is a brand engaged in the production of inflatable sup boards. For ten years, we have been working daily to ensure that our models are beautiful, comfortable and reliably serve their owners.

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