All Gladiator boards are supplied with a complete set of necessary accessories for going on the water. We complete the LT series with inexpensive but quality accessories. Three-piece aluminum paddle, a backpack carrying bag and an Italian double-action pump for fast pumping of the board. A leash, a fin, and repair kit, supplement the set.


The Pro, Pro Design and ART series use more expensive accessories. A three-piece paddle with a carbon shaft and a fiberglass blade, a backpack bag on wheels for transportation and travels. An Italian double-action pump for fast pumping and a flexible fin will make a river journey more comfortable. A leash with a hinge, and repair kit, complement the package.



 The Elite series is picked with premium accessories so that the board potential can be explored to the full. A very light and durable three-piece carbon paddle, an Italian double-action SUPer pump, which received appreciation from the users. An additional chamber makes the pumping process even easier. A flexible fin, repair kit, and a leash with a hinge. A bag on wheels for transportation and travelling complements the set.


All Gladiator boards are fitted with a stern handle and a central handle. You will easily carry your board to the beach, to a lake or a river. A handle in the stern section allows to easily transport the board with you in shallow water or if the board is driven ashore.



Gladiator is a brand engaged in the production of inflatable sup boards. For ten years, we have been working daily to ensure that our models are beautiful, comfortable and reliably serve their owners.

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